Monday, September 29, 2014

A Big Load

My grandfather in Ohio passed away from leukemia on Saturday. He was 83. Poor Mums is doing the best she can do to get by without him, while dealing with Alzheimer's herself. Can't believe our beloved Pops is gone. We're sure going to miss him.

Jake has a bad skin rash that we discovered last night, more like was kind of hidden from us for the past month. (Gotta love tween boys, huh?) He is covered. Thankfully, the doctor said even though it looks like scabies, it's just a skin rash and is not contagious. With some steroid cream and a little eczema lotion, it should go away within a few weeks.

But, the kicker was the home inspection on our foundation this morning. Our back door stopped working recently, so we thought we'd get it checked out. Lo and behold, we will need to install another 9 posts to lift up our house which will cost us about $10,000 - not including the $11,000 that we paid last year and are still paying off. And the internal damages to repair all the cracks inside, like drywall repair, painting, etc.

Our hearts have ripped in two. We can't afford to live here. We are busting at the seams and running out of room. Yet, we can't afford to leave. It's seriously debilitating. So, so discouraging.

I know God has a plan, and I know He's got this covered. But, we are so tired and worn out from working our butts off and not even making a dent...just barely getting by. And since they can't start working on our foundation until December, it could shift further and get worse by then.

The sweetest part of it all - hearing Brooklyn's little voice at bedtime say, "Take my wallet. I want to give you and Daddy all the money I have because you need it way more than me."


Begging and pleading for God's mercy and guidance in our lives. It's a big load we just can't bear anymore.

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