Friday, August 22, 2014

The Talk

Last night was our first official "talk" with Jacob about the birds and the bees. You know, SEX.

We, of course, started this conversation years ago with the basic differences between boys and girls, what happens to your body as you get older...but last night was the start of a new beginning. A new dialogue that will be open and honest, ongoing and continuing through life. Questions and answers, wisdom passed down from our own experiences and mistakes that we've made in the past. Scot and I want to lay it all out for our kids when the time is right and when they are ready, so they'll be fully prepared for all they'll be bombarded with in life. So they can stand tall and strong, know what to do when the temptations come (for they surely will), and hopefully, make good choices as they navigate their way through life growing up. Always knowing there's a soft place to fall when they walk through the doors at home.

With the middle school years well underway, we knew it was time. Time for Jacob to learn what God says in the Bible about sex. Why it's to be shared between husband and wife only. The changes he'll experience through puberty. Pregnancy. Pornography and addiction. Homosexuality. Sexual diseases. Love and dating. With the help of the God's Design for Sex book series by Stan and Brenna Jones, we're slowly introducing these things to Jacob as we balance the tightrope between education and parenting, while treasuring childhood innocence for as long as it lasts.

Wish us luck on our new grace-filled adventure!

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