Monday, August 11, 2014

Ohio Visit

We drove to Ohio for a few days right before school started and here's how we kept busy:

Pedicures and a delicious tea-house lunch to celebrate Mom's birthday.

Huge gourmet meal at Tiff and Mike's house - Mums and Pops and plenty of cousin-time included.

We went to the fair one day, the last day it was open.

We went to an indoor water park another day.

Took some family pics on the last day.

Such a great visit with family!

Some other highlights:

Late night pizza from Donatos // Movie night // Trip to Graeter's // Half-Price Bookstore // Picking out popcorn favorites at Al's Delicious Popcorn // Staying at Mom + Brian's and having the downstairs to ourselves // Playing Wii // Getting Mamaw's infamous backrubs (the kids love 'em) // Checking in on Lindsay's labor progress in Cleveland // Scot's neighborhood walks with Connor every morning // Hanging out + chatting in front of the TV each night

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