Monday, July 7, 2014

Fourth of July // 2014

The Fourth of July is one of our family's favorites. We pack homemade subs with all the fixin's, chips and dip, fruit, snacks, drinks, Rice Krispie treats - and head downtown to our usual spot on the courthouse lawn. There's plenty of football and frisbee-throwing, airplane spotting, fountain-playing, eating, stargazing, fireworks-watching, hanging out with good friends Hal and the Damron family. Last year got rained out, so we were more than ready to come this year. And this year did not disappoint - beautiful, sunny skies and all!

Me and Jenny. Love her!

Boys. No cameras allowed.

Hanging onto dad for dear life during a few test runs...

The glow-in-the-dark gear is a must.

Scot and I having a blast.

And then it was time for the fireworks show to begin. All 27 minutes...Nashville's longest and best show yet!

Poor Connor is super sensitive to noise. He cried for a few minutes at first, then laid down next to the boys and said over and over, "Boom-booms not sca-wee. Boom-booms not sca-wee." 

A beautiful and memorable day to celebrate our country's freedom with friends. One we won't ever forget or take for granted.

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