Sunday, July 6, 2014

Brooklyn's Swim Lessons

Brooklyn completed two weeks of swim lessons again this summer, and it was awesome to see how far she's come. She was in the Level 2 class again (which took Jacob several times to pass years ago), so we went into it wanting her to just have fun more than anything. And fun is definitely what this girl had!

Here she is doing her front float:

The back float:

Her Level 1 assessment - front float for 5 seconds/back float for 5 seconds:

And the final assessment for Level 2 - swim halfway across the pool/rollover/swim to the other end of the pool:

Typical Brooklyn face. Love it!

Her final assessment was a little "iffy," so Ms. Sue had her do it one last time just to make sure.

So proud to say our big girl passed with flying colors!! (Really, we were kind of surprised. Even Ms. Sue told us afterwards that she wasn't sure if she'd pass this time because she's so little for her age, but she was a fish and surprised us all!)

My funny and crazy and spunky little swimmer. She sure made us proud.

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