Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My Solo Trip to Ohio

I flew in to Ohio late Thursday night sans kids and stayed with my parents all weekend. It was the second trip back home that I've ever made by myself (the first was when my dad died), so it was really nice to have some downtime and catch up with family.

Here's a quick recap of the weekend:

Flew in around 11pm on Thursday.

Friday was full of lunch, a little shopping and pedicures with my mom. Heavenly bliss.

Lindsay's baby shower was at my parent's house on Saturday. The food was delicious and everything about it was just beautiful.

A special Father's Day lunch celebrating my step-dad and Pops was on Sunday.

Had plenty of time to love on my nieces and nephew while we were there.

And, then I was off to the airport...buying souvenirs for the kids and snacks for the flight home. 

It was a fast fun-filled weekend with loads of good memories. But, it was great seeing these guys at the airport - the best welcoming committee there is. :)

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