Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day // 2014

Father's Day was a little different this year. Jake had to go to his dad's two weeks before and I knew I'd be away attending my sister's baby shower in Ohio that weekend, so we celebrated dad's special day in stages. 

Our first little celebration was taking dad to a special lunch after church - Connor included! We never go out to eat nowadays because of crazy-2-year-old-boy-syndrome, but this time, he did great. It was so nice to enjoy a family meal out together before Jake left.

The kids surprised him with their special gifts - handprint canvases. Scot loved them!

And this was our crew on the way home:

Ha! Brooklyn got car sick, Connor konked out and Jake was hanging in the back.


Our finished handprint canvases have a new home in the kitchen:

The second part of Father's Day was making chocolate chip cookies for Scot and his dad before I left.

A heartfelt card and some of Scot's favorite goodies sitting on the bathroom counter to enjoy over the weekend.

And then before we knew it, I was back home on Sunday night! The best part of Father's Day - coming home, hugging and kissing and enjoying time with my little family once again.

Happy Father's Day, babe! We love everything that you stand for and everything that you do. You work super long hours juggling two jobs every day, yet you still find time for your wife and kids at home. We're so grateful.

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