Monday, June 9, 2014

DIY // Starburst Clothespin Wreath

The last item I made for my sister's baby shower was a starburst clothespin wreath. This is a cheap and easy project that's found everywhere online, but I'll share the way I made mine.

What you will need:

- 4 (36-count) packs clothespins from Dollar Tree (I used 138 clothespins total)
- 12-inch wire wreath frame with four loops
- Spray paint, optional
- Accessories, optional
- Wide ribbon or 3M command hook for hanging


1. First, you need to decide if you want to paint the clothespins or keep them au naturale. If you decide to paint them, keep clothespins pinned on the cardboard strips from the package and take turns spraying each side of the clothespins, allowing time to dry in-between coats. Apply spray paint to both sides of the wire wreath frame, allowing time to dry in-between coats. Let dry overnight.
2. Turn wire wreath frame upside down; clip clothespins onto the smallest loop, alternating them high and low as you go.
3. Once the inner rim is done, clip clothespins on the outer rim the same way.
4. Leave as is or add accessories if needed. Your wreath is now ready to hang!

You can also place an 8-inch round mirror in the center with 3M command strips, and your starburst wreath turns into a beautiful starburst mirror in no time! So simple and easy. I just love mine.

For added fun: You can use a bigger wreath frame with even more clothespins, and it would look adorable too!

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