Saturday, June 7, 2014

DIY // Burlap Diaper Cake

The second big item I made for my sister's baby shower was a diaper cake covered in burlap. I didn't see anything online that I liked, so I kinda made it up as I went. But, I loved how it turned out!

What you will need:

- Size 1 diapers (I bought a box of 112 but only used 105)
- Thin rubber bands (105 count)
- Wide burlap ribbon
- Smaller ribbon (Contrasting colors and prints look best)
- Straight pins
- Accessories (I spray painted a wooden bird on top and used chalkboard paper for initial accents)


1. Roll up each diaper starting from the open top to the folded end; secure with a rubber band wrapped around twice.
2. Stand rolled up diapers together; eyeball how big you want each tier to be and secure with a rubber band wrapped around once. Form a cake by placing the tiers on top of each other; the bottom tier has the most diapers, and each tier gets smaller from there.
3. Wrap wide burlap ribbon around each tier; cut to desired length and secure with straight pins in the back. Do the same process with the smaller ribbon.
4. Add any accessories to personalize your diaper cake. A wooden toy or stuffed animal works great as the cake topper and chalkboard paper is the perfect way to accent and personalize the baby's initials. (Print out letters in a font you like from Microsoft Word, trace onto chalkboard paper in pencil, go over with a chalkboard marker and cut to desired shape; secure with tape.)

A simple, yet meaningful way to celebrate any baby you know.

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