Thursday, May 29, 2014

Last Day of School

Today was the kids' last day of school. Jacob's last day of sixth grade. And Brooklyn's last day of kindergarten. My, how time has flown.

At 7am, we headed to Brooklyn's school to pick up her final report card and say goodbye to her sweet teacher. Mrs. T has been the most wonderful teacher for Brooklyn this year and will surely be missed by all of us.

Brooklyn's last time at this school before heading to Jacob's magnet school next year:

Then, we were off to Jake's school to pick up report cards, pass out teacher gifts, say goodbye to teachers and friends. It's embarrassing to take pics with teachers in middle school, so standing in front of the school annex just had to do. :)

Jake's teacher awarded him with a reading certificate - he was the second top student to read the most pages this year in the whole 6th grade. (His friend Lola was the top winner with only 150 pages ahead of him.) Considering that he's a boy in middle school in this electronic day and age - we are super proud.

Our new 7th grader and 1st grader:

We spent the rest of the day meeting dad for lunch in Cool Springs, saying hello to his boss and all his coworkers at work, picking up Michael, eating pizza and ice cream sandwiches for dinner, and having a sleepover with friends. A great kick-off to the summer indeed.          

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