Thursday, May 22, 2014

End-of-the-Year Celebrations

The last couple weeks of school have been busy. Both kids have had several end-of-the-year celebrations at school, and it's been a joy to watch them and see what a great year it's been.

First up was Brooklyn's kindergarten concert.

They showed a slideshow at the end with pictures throughout the year for each class set to music, and it brought tears to our eyes. I know older people always say how fast kids grow up, but I'm feeling it more and more lately. These childhood days, these special moments are fleeting. And I don't want to miss them.

Sad to think these are the last days in this school. (Brooklyn got accepted into Jacob's magnet school, so she'll be transferring next year.) 

Brooklyn and Mrs. T - her favorite teacher so far.

Brooklyn and her best friend Chloe. She's sure going to miss her...

We all love this silly girl.

Next, we were treated to a catered dinner at Jacob's sports banquet, where he was given an award for playing soccer on the school team again this year.

The whole boys soccer team (grades 5th thru 8th):

So proud of this handsome dude.

And then there was the sixth grade Cats musical. Jake and one other classmate were in charge of stage lighting this year. This was Jake's first time doing lighting, so he admitted to me later how nervous he really was. (Hence, the bad attitude he had all three days before.) All in all, they did great - their best show yet! I even pulled Brooklyn out of school to attend, and she loved every minute of it.

One part of their grade was designing and applying their own makeup and designing their own costume, so it was neat so see what everyone came up with. I loved how Jake's turned out.

Crazy to think there's only 3 days left of school...this year has just flown on by!

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