Thursday, May 1, 2014

Spring Band Concert

I just noticed I forgot to post Jacob's spring band concert, which was...only a month ago - ha!

I couldn't go that night since Connor was home sick with the flu, but Scot and his parents went and took some video and pics for me. This was the first time the band got to play in a nice auditorium at one of our local high schools - much nicer than the typical bleachers in the gym.

The band teacher Mr. Z let the kids pick the music for their last song a few months ago, and they chose Katy Perry's song Roar (one of my favorites). I thought for 6th graders, they played pretty darn well!

Much like the original:

So proud of our big trombone player for all the time he's spent practicing after school this year. Sixth grade band has been a lot of fun (and work), and I know those friendships and memories he'll look back on and always treasure one day.

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