Monday, May 5, 2014

A Smart Way to Stay Organized

A good tip to keep you organized this week:

Do you ever lay in bed at night thinking of all the things you need to do tomorrow? Or, those little things that God places on your heart to do or say or accomplish that week when you're about to fall asleep?

I've tried keeping a notepad and pen on my side of the bed for those little reminders, but it never fails - I'm usually too tired and lazy, so I go to sleep and try my hardest to remember everything in the morning (which doesn't always work and isn't really the best thing). I've also tried keeping post-its and lists on the kitchen counter, but I don't always remember to keep up with them. Plus, it feels like such a waste of paper too.

One night I had so many thoughts running through my mind that I just couldn't go to sleep. I grabbed my phone and decided to send myself an email with all my thoughts and ideas and priorities for the week, and man, that one thing has really changed my life. I know exactly what I need to do each day or want to accomplish - and my list goes with me everywhere I go!

No apps or pads of paper to carry around. Just my email account and me. A crazy simple idea that has kept me a little more sane around here. :)

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