Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Memories // 2014

A little background story to remember this Easter: 

I got violently sick on Wednesday night. With constant vomiting and excruciating abdominal pain, it was confirmed at the ER that I had a bad stomach virus. I slept all day Thursday and part of Friday and finally started feeling like myself again by Saturday, but that will definitely go down as the worst stomach virus I've ever had. (Big kudos to Scot for taking off work and playing Mr. Mom for a couple days/nights. I really couldn't have done it without him.) Needless to say, I was one of those last-minute crazy moms running around at Walmart, Target and Dollar Tree to fill Easter baskets before the big reveal on Sunday morning. A memorable time for sure!

Earlier in the week, the kids opened some Easter goodies from Mamaw and Papaw in Ohio.

Love their excited expressions!

On Saturday, I was feeling better so we made some yummy strawberry cupcakes to go with Sunday brunch. My cute and willing taste-testers:

We painted and colored eggs:

Mom was feeling great and the baskets got put together just in time, which made them that more special:

The kids woke up early - you would have thought it was Christmas morning, they were so excited!

We had donuts for breakfast, then hurried off to church by 9:30. Our volunteer meeting was at 9:45, Scot and I served during the 10:30 service (he helped with seating and I was a greeter), and then we attended church at noon. It was a great morning. So special to be together as a family.

Scenes from our simple brunch at home:

We didn't even attempt a nap for Connor that day, so the kids were off and running around the yard for an Easter egg hunt after brunch. Without even telling him, Connor told the big kids the rules: Jake had all the blue eggs, Brooklyn had pink and "Nagu" (a.k.a. Connor) had all the orange. That kid is smart. :)

(There was also a golden egg for Jake and a silver egg hidden for Brooklyn.)

{Be still my heart.}

We dumped and organized the kids' loot before Scot's parents stopped by later that evening...all in all, it was a wonderful family day.

We're still finishing up our Resurrection Eggs and Resurrection Rolls a week after Easter (and some things we never even got to), but the message was evident the whole weekend - and every day of the year. Christ's life, arrest, death and resurrection are well celebrated. We can't talk about all the good parts until we acknowledge the bad and allow ourselves to feel the pain, the suffering, the turmoil, the loneliness - the overwhelming love and mercy that Jesus felt. Even after coming to the end of Himself, He gave up His will to the Father when He said, "Let Thy will be done" and still had love and mercy for those who had turned on Him and hurt Him badly.

That is a gift like none other. A gift of undying love. His ultimate sacrifice for you and for me.

That's what the Easter story's all about. That is truth. That's what our Daddy did for us.

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