Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring Extras

It is almost springtime (thank goodness), which means it's time for spring sports to begin! Jake tried out for the soccer team at school again this year and made the team, so soccer practice 3x a week plus games are well-underway.

This is my view anywhere from 3-5pm: 

The kids read books, do homework, eat snacks or watch a movie.

While I get a few minutes of quiet time = bliss.

Brooklyn isn't into sports right now, but she loves to draw. Or color. Or sketch. Or anything art-related, for that matter. And she's really gifted in that way, too.

I searched high and low for a really good art class for kids that was affordable, and then I found a college art teacher who does art classes in her home studio. It's twice a month on Saturday mornings, and Brooklyn just loves it!

We let each of the kids pick out one extra activity they like outside of school, and it's neat to see how different they are. Jacob is high-energy and loves to be on-the-go, so soccer has been a great outlet for him over the years. (He's got great goalie-hands and a lead foot on him - not to mention, he plays trombone in the school band too.) With Brooklyn, she tried soccer and decided sports wasn't her thing...at least for now. But, when that girl has a crayon in her hand and a blank piece of paper in front of her, her eyes sparkle. Her imagination goes wild. She can create the most beautiful artwork I've ever seen.

Both kids are happy, doing something they enjoy outside of school - learning and growing and excelling as they go. Using their gifts. Becoming who God wants them to be right before my very eyes.

This mama couldn't be happier.

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