Friday, March 7, 2014


Wavy hair after a French braid.

Connor's newest obsession: Wearing this pink tutu skirt around the house. (Don't worry, he's still all-boy.)

Mamaw and Papaw came by to visit for a few days, and they got to see Connor in his full glory. :)

Loved spending time with them before they headed home.

Brooklyn and I've had some mom-and-daughter dates. Puppet shows. Oreo ice cream sandwiches. Haircuts. Shoe shopping. Yep, we've been having fun.

We've had more snow and ice. (Ughhh...I'm so ready for spring.)

And a middle-of-the-night tornado warning while hiding out in our safe place. (Code for: Family togetherness at it's best.)

A typical night at our house. Connor empties out his bookcase and brings us books to read one at a time. Brooklyn is obsessed with the solar system, so she reads books on all the different planets. And Jake sits on his top bunk reading next to his clip-on light. We are a family that reads, and I love it!

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