Tuesday, March 25, 2014

On-The-Go Crayon Pouch

Our kids love to color. Especially whenever we travel or sit and wait at the doctor's. It's a blessing! But, traveling with crayons has always been a pain in the past - the kids couldn't find the colors they wanted and more crayons ended up on the floor than anywhere else.

Until I found this a few years ago:

It's the Stand-n-Store pencil pouch by Mead/Five Star, which you can find at any Staples or Office Depot store. It holds exactly a 48-pack of crayons (or more) and the top folds down like this:

So easy when traveling - the kids can see all the crayons in one place and it stands up in a cup holder in the car or on the floor at home!

Love, love, love these little gems. And the fact that each kid has their own color doesn't hurt either. :)

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