Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Moment I'll Never Forget

After recovering from our weekend stay at Opryland and Brooklyn's three-day stomach virus last week. And letting Scot's gout diagnosis set in, adjusting our diets a bit...I was thinking things were on the mend.

That is, until Scot started having terrible abdominal pain yesterday and went in for a CT scan - only to find out he has a 6mm kidney stone in his kidneys. Doctors gave him an anti-inflammatory, recommended homemade lemonade to flush his kidneys and told him to wait it out.

At 8:30 last night, it just got worse.

We had tucked the big kids in to bed and were about to lay Connor down when he projectile vomited all over me, the couch and the floor in the family room. I stripped my clothes, got Connor in the tub, while Scot took over the cleaning duties. We got Connor some water, then set up a pallet with blankets for him to sleep on in our room. Scot put a load in the washer.

Then, the steam cleaning began around 10:00. Connor loves the vacuum, so he got revved up for the next hour - running lap after lap around the family room, yelling "Go, go, go!" The big kids attempted to sleep through the noise.

In the midst of it all, I stopped what I was doing and had this "moment."

I looked down and saw me standing there - smelling like sour milk in my bra and underwear, steam cleaner in hand, filled with goopy, dirty water. Scot's holding the cord for me - hair disheveled, looking sweaty and tired. Soaked feet and wet carpet everywhere. Connor's still yelling and running laps. Knowing full well we have another early morning and long day tomorrow...(Taking note we're also out of diapers - and Jake needs a new pair of khaki's for his band concert on Thursday.)

I laugh and say, "This is the life, babe."
He looks up at me and pipes back, "You bet."

Then, we both agreed this night should have been taped and shown to every teenager across the country. Best birth control method ever - and it was free, courtesy of us and our crazy life.

This is what real marriage looks like. Pure romance at its finest. One of those crazy-but-special moments I'll never forget.

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