Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Details // Jacob's Baptism

On Thursday (three days before Jacob's baptism), Jacob and I felt really sick. He stayed home from school so we could go to the clinic that day, and we found out we both had strep. Thank God for antibiotics.

On Friday night, Jacob had his first middle school all-nighter at church. He had four doses of antibiotics in his system by then and he said he felt fine (plus, the doctor said he wouldn't be contagious), so we let him go. He was so excited and ended up having a great time. But by 4pm on Saturday, he looked like this:

Scot and I had to literally peel him off the couch and hold him up all the way to his room and help lay him down in bed, where he slept straight through the night without dinner. He was just a wee bit tired - ha!

But, he was ready to go when he woke up on Sunday! The baptism service was an incredible experience to watch and be part of.

His baptism certificate:

Super proud parents:

And family:

Scot's family and friends Chris and Susan who came to support Jacob:

We all enjoyed a nice lunch at Logan's afterwards - Jacob's pick - and he opened his dedication gift from us.

His own personalized leather student Bible (which he loves):

It was one memorable day in Jacob's life. A day I know he'll never forget.

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