Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Another Snow Day

Today we had another snow day. Except there wasn't any snow on the ground. Some counties south of us had ice and a little snow, but we were totally fine.

Jake had a fever and sore throat anyway, but the kids sure enjoyed another day off from school. We had milkshakes, ate pizza, watched multiple episodes of Gilligan's Island. And played one of my favorite games - Scrabble!

Brooklyn tried to help both of us, but she really just wanted to be score-keeper. (And she is good, I tell you.)

We had a good friendly game going until Jake turned my 38-point word snooze to snoozed. Then, it wasn't so friendly anymore. (Since when did an 11-year-old get so smart?)

Apparently, my winning days are over. But, losing days can still be pretty fun too.

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