Friday, January 10, 2014


It's been a long time since I've done a randomness post, so here's some craziness from the last couple of months:

Opening birthday presents that Mamaw and Papaw sent from Ohio. (Thanks again, Mom!)

Brooklyn's favorite: the new tea set.

Connor's favorite: the new car rug.

80's day at school.

...Mr. T?

Two boys and their very pink strollers. (You'd never know they have older sisters, would you?)

Connor had a blast playing with his friend Reiter that day.

New specs for Jake!

Brooklyn's newest LeapPad design.

Sleepy boy.

Jake's jar of marbles got full, so we went out for ice cream - his pick!

Scot and I were busy putting Connor to bed one night, and we came in the big kids room and found this:


Alabama cuties.

Sad goodbyes before Jake left for the airport at Thanksgiving.

My sweet boys.

$1 masks make every day brighter.

Opening Christmas presents from Mamaw and Papaw too! (The kids - and Scot and I - are well loved.)

Snow day activities.

His glory surrounds us everywhere, even at sunset. Isn't it amazing?

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