Saturday, January 25, 2014

Connor's Hearing

Connor's two-year well-visit at the doctor:

Who knew he'd fail the hearing test (several times) in both ears? I sure didn't. I was shocked. 

I thought, I can tell him to put his toys away or to go get his shoes or to pick out a book, and he listens just fine. I guess I never even thought that would be an issue with him.

(Our doctor told us not to worry and explained it wasn't the fact that he couldn't hear, it could just be that his hearing is mumbled or it sounds like he's in a tunnel.)

We came back a month later in early January for another hearing test and 45-minutes and 8 tests later, he failed those as well. We've since been to the ENT and audiologist for more in-depth hearing tests. One was even done in a soundproof box.

The specialists were able to test and explain so much more, which was helpful. They said there's no fluid in his ears and the eardrums look great. Praise God. But, he has a lot of pressure in his ears (not sure why), so they said he has mild to moderate hearing loss in the low frequency range right now. They hope the pressure will go away on its own in the next few months and will retest him again in April. If he fails the tests in the low frequency range again, we may have to look into hearing aids for the long-term, but we're really praying it resolves on its own.

His speech is delayed, so speech therapy is also another thing he'll be evaluated for to see if that will help.

Every time I think of and look at this boy, I'm grateful. God gave us this little miracle, and he's been strong and pushed through so much. From my surgery right after conception, to bleeding scares and bed rest in pregnancy, to days and nights of colic (or what we thought was colic at the time) starting at just 3 weeks old, to milk protein allergy diagnosis at 8 weeks, to emergency pyloric stenosis surgery at 9 weeks, to circumcision surgery at 6 months, to food intolerance diagnosis at 11 months...and now this.

I thought we'd never get through those storms in life, but God reached out His hand and brought us through every time. I've witnessed real-life miracles, people.

If I know anything about my boy, I know that he's strong. And this little thing won't get him down. Whether it's here for a little while, or here for the long haul. God's got him in the palm of His hand, and I know he's going to be just fine.

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