Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas Day // 2013

Christmas morning was the best.

The kids woke up at 7:30am and found Santa's "thank you" for milk and cookies. (It's funny, they said they heard reindeer bells on the roof during the night. I can't believe it but even at eleven, Jacob still believes in the magic of the big jolly man.)

Connor discovered Christmas in his own little way.

Our little ones on Christmas morning.

Opening stockings. These kids were so excited you would have thought they had won the lottery! Just look at those faces.

Christmas morning breakfast.

With blueberry muffins and strawberries.

Breakfast casserole. (Recipe to come.)

Sausage balls. (Recipe to come.)

And plenty to drink. It was delicious.

Scot and I stayed in our pajamas all day.

We prayed and thanked God for this special day. Then, it was time for presents!

Assembling the basketball hoop and humongous Barbie house. (Thank God for dad.)

Extra snuggles with Jake.

Snack break. :)

Enjoying new toys.

We had pot roast for dinner.

With our favorite olive, bacon and cheddar rolls. (Recipe to come.)

And we ended the night with our annual hunt for the pickle ornament on the tree. A Shindle family tradition.

The next day, Scot went back to work and I packed up the kids to take Jake to the airport. The airline printed the wrong name on my clearance tag (even after checking my ID), so they wouldn't allow me through security. Thus, we went back to the airline desk for a new tag, waited in line at security, unloaded the stroller and all our belongings at the security counter, waited for our sippy cups of milk and lunch boxes to get tested and rechecked, waited at the gate for over an hour - all while having strep throat and keeping Connor close-by on my own....and we survived!

Sad to see our oldest go away for a week, but God held him close the entire time. (Double ear infection, sinus infection and all.)

Our Christmas was truly blessed.

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