Monday, December 23, 2013

Our Three Gift Rule // Simplify Christmas

To continue our "less is more" philosophy on Christmas, I thought I'd share our Three Gift Rule for gift-giving and how that's radically changed our Christmas holiday as a family.

What is the Three Gift Rule, you might ask?

The Three Gift Rule means our children receive three gifts from us at Christmas. (They also open one gift from Santa, various stocking-stuffers and plenty of gifts from grandparents.)

Why only give three gifts?

1. It symbolizes the three gifts Jesus received from the wise men when He was born: gold, frankincense and myrrh.

2. It helps us to be more intentional with gift-giving. We only buy things we know our kids really want or need.

3. It shows our children that we value experiences and time with our loved ones more than anything.

4. It keeps the focus on Jesus, the real meaning of Christmas. Not lots of toys and stuff.

5. We're teaching our children what the holidays are really all about: love, joy, contentment, making memories, selflessness and giving to others.

This may not work for every family out there, but it's helped us to weed out the commercialism, simplify the holidays and focus on what really matters: Loving God and loving people.

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