Saturday, December 14, 2013

Enjoying the Holiday Season

Birthdays are over in our house this year, so we finally broke out the Christmas decorations. We're decorating the tree and making our house a Christmas-y home. Even sibling squabbles and broken ornaments can't take away from the beauty and magic this time of year brings.

We're busy baking Christmas goodies.
Wrapping gifts to put under the tree.
Mailing out Christmas cards.
Getting pictures with Santa.
Reading our favorite Advent books every night.
Listening to Christmas music.
Watching our favorite Christmas movies.
Driving around to look at Christmas lights.
Attending Christmas concerts at church.
Spending time with family.

Taking time to slow down and enjoy the holiday season.
No expectations. No rush, no stress.

Just soaking in time with our Father, thanking Him for all He's done. Filled with complete and utter Peace.

I hope you can slow down and enjoy it too.

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