Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Goodies

We've been baking like crazy little elves over here!

To date, the big kids and I have made two batches of Snickerdoodles (about 8 dozen cookies):

Two batches of Butterscotch Haystacks (8 dozen candies):

Two batches of Buckeyes (180 candies):

And four batches of Pretzel Hugs (well over 500 candies...I stopped counting at 500):

All while listening to Christmas music on Pandora, of course. We may make chocolate crinkle cookies or peanut butter blossoms too, but we'll have to see...

I put the treats in individual little goody bags, which were then placed in gift bags for teachers, family and friends. I think we made over 20 gift bags in all and hand-delivered each one. (I saved some for us, too.)

Two friends have cancer and some are going through hard times, but you never know how much cheer one little goody bag can bring!

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