Monday, December 2, 2013

Brooklyn // Six

Brooklyn's birthday arrived last Friday. She was so excited to turn six like her cousins!

Since it fell on Black Friday this year, we decided to celebrate in stages. The first part came on Tuesday when Connor and I surprised Brooklyn at lunch to celebrate her birthday at school. We ate lunch together and brought chocolate chip cookies for her class.

The second part was on Wednesday - the day before Thanksgiving. Scot (sadly) dropped Jake off at the airport in the morning, then we took Brooklyn out shopping that afternoon.

Our own little "Punky Brewster." Isn't her style great?

We let her pick out a new bike with training wheels and a helmet. She was so excited! She tried out quite a few bikes to find just the right one. (We happened to get a huge deal on it too.)

And she picked out an Ariel doll set she's been wanting.

Grammy and Papa threw a little birthday party for her after our meal on Thanksgiving. (No pics, oops.)

Then, Friday rolled around and Brooklyn woke up at 5 am with a 102-fever. Not a great start to her big day, but she perked up by the time the Krispy Kreme donuts arrived.

She opened the last two gifts from us.

New sparkly boots and matching ear muffs!

(She loved them, of course.)

She felt better as the day wore on, so we went out and had a little girls day.

We ate lunch at one of her favorite places. Steak-n-Shake!

Afterwards, she picked out her favorite candy at the gas station.

Then, I surprised her by getting tickets to the new movie Frozen in the movie theater. She loved it so much her eyes were glued to the screen the entire time. It's definitely one of our new favorites!

We came home and opened more presents from Mamaw and Papaw.

More singing and strawberry cake for dessert.

It was a great birthday. Can't believe our little girl is SIX! Wow.

Here are the things I love most about Brooklyn:

1. Her zest for life.

2. Her grateful heart. She thanks me all the time for little things like winter coats, birthday cakes, clean sheets and "all the things moms do."

3. She is a great sister. She loves on Connor and helps him with everything. She loves playing with her big brother Jake too, although their age difference sometimes gets in the way.

4. She is such a talented artist. She can draw and color all day long, and her artwork is amazing!

5. She's the perfect sweet and spicy mix to our family. She has the sweetest heart, yet she isn't afraid to speak up and tell us how she feels about something. I love that!

6. She loves Jesus and always seeks to make things right. Her tender, forgiving heart is something I treasure and learn from every day.

We love you, Brooklyn. Happy 6th birthday!

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