Tuesday, November 5, 2013


More randomness from October:

Gotta love bedhead.

And the morning sillies.

Playing around in the front yard.

All decked out and ready for winter!

The new Mouseketeer.

Who can morph into Batman in no time.

My little Kroger shopper, pushing her very own buggy.

The Duck Dynasty middle school dance. Jake's first dance, and he went as Jase. (I sneaked in to get a pic since it's not cool for moms to take pics at dances...or really ever anymore.)

Trick-or-Treat! Jake and Josh went off on their own this year...

The loot:

Homework time. Sixth grade math homework is hard stuff, people.

Cutest little bath swimmer around.

Bedtime. Made it through another day, whew!

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