Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Our Thankful Tree // 2013

We've been busy working on our Thankful Tree the past few weeks, but I have to admit, we got a little behind. Life's busy, so we weren't able to write thankful tags every day. But, we did take note of all the big and little things God has blessed us with this year.

My favorites:
  • paper
  • cups
  • chalk
  • gloves
  • new winter coats
  • a good job
  • our sponsor child, Kalunda
  • once-in-a-lifetime vacations
  • a house that's still standing
  • a furnace that works
  • birthdays
  • healthy kids
  • safe plane flights (for Jake)
  • no more sleepless nights!!!
Come rain, come shine. Good days and bad. We truly have so much to be thankful for. No matter what we're going through in life, He is enough.

"The Lord is my portion." 
Lamentations 3:24

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