Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Brooklyn's 6th Fairy Birthday Party

Not only was it Jake's first homecoming dance on Friday, but it was also the big day for Brooklyn's 6th birthday party and sleepover. (Talk about one crazy night.) We invited 5 of her closest friends and celebrated in complete fairy-style!

Here are the invitations:

I made them myself with whatever we already had at home - glitter spray would have been the perfect added touch.

And the "envelopes":

The invitations were too big to fit into regular-size envelopes, so I created my own envelopes and Scot and Brooklyn hand-delivered them.

The decorations:

(Fairy wings were from Dollar Tree.)

These wooden butterfly masks were from Dollar Tree too, but I made name tags out of felt and turned them into place cards. Along with flowers and feather boas - all things girly.

I made the butterfly garland using tissue paper butterflies with pipe cleaners and yarn I already had at home. (For directions, click here.)

The childhood picture banner on the mantel makes every birthday complete.

The food:

I kept it low-key and very simple this year.

Butterfly bites. (Ham and cheese, peanut butter and honey, peanut butter and jelly.)

Fairy twigs. (Or, pretzels.)

Fairy fruit wands. (Skewers with star fruit on top.)

Marshmallow toadstools. (Marshmallows dipped in white chocolate and sprinkles.)

And, of course, chocolate cupcakes for dessert.

With "fairy dust" (sugar) to sprinkle on top!

And butterfly treats to take home. (Multi-grain Cheerios with white and milk chocolate chips.)

The crafts:

Fairy coloring pages.

Pipe-cleaner crowns with ribbon.

Wooden butterfly masks. The girls colored them with markers and I outlined a few parts with glitter glue.

Glitter tattoos. (Done the next morning.)

"Candy" necklaces and bracelets. (Done the next morning.)

Brooklyn opened gifts. (While Aubrey finished one of her crafts.)

The girls sang to the birthday girl and devoured their yummy cupcakes.

Then, it was time for a game. The girls (and their little sidekick) loved playing Twister.

And staying up late to watch movies (with popcorn and M&M's).

All in all, it was one memorable fairy party. So blessed to have each one of these sweet girls in Brooklyn's life and to celebrate her special day.

She'll remember this night forever.

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