Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Foundation Repair (After) // Round One

For the before pics in round one of our foundation repair, click here.

Last week a construction crew from USS came out to our house and worked on our foundation for 5 long days. They installed 11 steel piers (6 in the front corner, 5 in the back corner) 20-feet underground, lifting up both sides of the house. Tore up bushes, sidewalk and landscaping and put it all back together. Sealed cracks in the brick. Repaired mortar all around the house where needed. Caulked around windows. Installed a vapor barrier in the crawlspace.

Those men worked their butts off. Their jackhammer was running for 5 straight days, so there was a lot of work going on around here! (Missed naps, scary noises and headaches included.)

I think they enjoyed having a little audience...or maybe not.

Can you believe those holes were so deep they came to the top of the worker's heads? (The steel piers went down another 12-14 feet below that. Crazy.)

Fastest $11K we've ever spent - whether we wanted to or not! So glad our house is finally fixed and back to normal...mostly.

Football games in the yard are back in session.

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