Monday, October 14, 2013

Disney Vacation 2013 // Driving Days 1 & 2

We just got back from a long family vacation at Disney World with my parents over fall break, and I have to say, the past ten days have been incredible. Without my parents' timeshare and Disney gift cards as gifts from family over the years, this trip wouldn't have been possible. (Check out recent pics of our money pit here...need I say more?)

After driving 10-12 hours there and back, spending four long days at several Disney theme parks, swimming at the hotel pool, nursing Jake's 102-fever for a couple days, keeping three kids busy and entertained, carrying and chasing after almost-two-year-old Connor the whole time, we are exhausted. But, it was so, so worth it. Many memories and fun times were had by all.

With over 750 pictures to sift through from the trip, I'll break it up and just focus on the highlights.

Let's start from the beginning: Driving Days 1 & 2. Driving Day 1 was on Thursday, and we drove from Tennessee to Tifton, Georgia, where we collapsed at a hotel for the night.

Our crazy crew along the way:

We surprised the kids and stopped mid-way at the mall in Atlanta. It was Brooklyn's first time at the American Girl store, and this girl was in heaven!

We let her pick out one outfit for her bitty baby Sophie, and this butterfly fairy costume is what she chose. Headband, wings and all.

She was in love.

Jacob, on the other hand, wanted to check out the Lego store. He looked and looked forever, but finally decided to wait and buy something at the Lego store in Orlando. So, we just window shopped...and played before hitting the road again.

Our hotel room was small, but we made it work. After attempting to eat out at Chili's and having to leave with fussy Connor after just paying for drinks, searching for Jake's lost iPhone for over an hour (a freebie from a friend for games only), scarfing down Wendy's after 9pm and rocking Connor to sleep, we finally climbed in bed and called it a night.

A little groggy, but ready to wake up and begin Driving Day 2 - and arrive at our final destination in Orlando, Florida!

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