Monday, October 21, 2013

Disney Vacation 2013 // Our "Free" Days

When Scot and I (and my parents) started planning this trip a few years ago, we knew we wanted to spend 4 alternating days at Disney theme parks, while still having plenty of downtime for us and the kids. And boy, were we glad for those days!

Here's what most of our "free" days looked like:

Eating breakfast out on the screened-in porch...with a fabulous view.

(Connor's favorite place to watch for buses and trucks.)

Swimming at one of the hotel pools.

Ping pong.

(Jacob's favorite.)

Glitter tattoos.

(Jake obviously passed on this one.)

Watching the turtles off the dock.

Lunch (or dinner) outside at the hotel restaurant.

Hitting the shops at Downtown Disney.

(With the largest Lego store we've ever seen!)

Cuddle time with grandparents.

(Not to mention, time spent at the kiddie pool, splash pad and playground area - Connor's favorite!)

So many wonderful things that made a home away from home our home for 10 fun-filled, relaxing days.

Next up: Our last day at Epcot.

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