Friday, October 18, 2013

Disney Vacation 2013 // Magic Kingdom. Day 1

The Magic Kingdom is our family's absolute favorite theme park at Disney. We spent two full days there, and boy, I'm so glad we did. It gave us extra time to see characters and ride our favorite rides...and for other little mishaps that popped up along the way. We weren't rushing around like crazy people, and that alone was wonderful!

Our morning started bright and early with an 8:30am character breakfast with Pooh and friends at the Crystal Palace on Main Street. We quickly learned that long 2-hour meals and toddlers don't mix well, but it was nice to see the park before it officially opened.

It was a nice day.

Until the bottom fell out. One second we were waiting in line, and the next it looked like this:

I'm talking torrential downpour, people. Everything was wet soaked, and I couldn't stop laughing.

The kids, not so much.

With soaked underwear, shoes and socks, we loaded up and sloshed our way back to the hotel. Literally.

After a late lunch, change of clothes and naptime for all, we went back to the Magic Kingdom around 6pm and had the best time!

An interesting, full-of-surprises kind of day that we'll never forget.

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