Sunday, October 20, 2013

Disney Vacation 2013 // Magic Kingdom. Day 2

Our second day at Magic Kingdom was on Wednesday, and thankfully, the weather report showed no rain the rest of the week! We got there as soon as the park opened, and my parents came later in the afternoon.

Jake really wanted to play the Sorcerer's Apprentice card game (with over 70 cards to choose from) at these little kiosks throughout the park, so we gave him my cell phone, a map and ice cream money, and he enjoyed a couple hours to himself.

(In fact, he told us later that was one of his favorite things.)

(And he never got lost once. At 11, he reads maps and directions better than I do!)

Scot took Brooklyn to all the princesses and characters she wanted to see, while I pushed Connor around in the stroller. It was perfect because everyone got to do what they wanted to do.

(Too bad Brooklyn was so shy for pictures.)

We met up with my parents to ride our favorite rides at night - and watch the fireworks show.

(We closed down the park by eating hotdogs and fries from Casey's Corner off Main Street on our way out.)

It was an amazing day at one magical place.

And sleepy kids? That's the cherry on top!

Next up: Our "free" days.

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