Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Disney Vacation 2013 // Epcot. Last Day

Friday was our last day at Epcot. Our last day in Florida.

It wasn't our best day. Scot and I were exhausted. The kids were hot and tired and started fighting on the way in to the park. Connor fought sitting in the stroller or waiting in line and just wanted to run free. Our backs hurt. Our feet hurt. We were all "Disneyed" out, but we pushed through to enjoy one last day at Epcot.

And it was beautiful, no doubt.

Connor's favorite part was meeting Pluto. (In his socks, no less.)

He did not like being held.

(Somehow, we missed Mickey and Minnie - can't believe that!)

Mom came with us early, so we split up while she chauffeured Connor around. (Hilarious, I tell you.)

The Journey into Imagination with Figment ride - Connor's favorite!

Another fun fact: Scot and I got separated in China. The best part? My cell phone battery died. So, the little ones and I hung out in China for awhile until Scot came back to find us. (He thought I was headed to Mexico...slight misunderstanding. Ha!)

By 4pm, our little family was spent and ready to go. But, not before riding Spaceship Earth one last time.

Those painted murals...my favorite part.

We left Epcot and headed back to the hotel for a late-night swim. Little did we know it was our last big hurrah as a family before heading home the next morning.

(We were too tired to stay an extra day.)

The perfect way to end a once-in-a-lifetime kind of trip. So grateful for it all.

(Except this part. Unpacking at midnight is never fun.)

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