Thursday, September 19, 2013

Foundation Repair (Before) // Round One

Remember when we put our house on the market a year ago and sold it in just 12 hours? (If you missed this great story, you can catch up herehere and here.)

The day after we put an offer on a new home, a structural engineer came out to our current home and gave us the good, bad and the ugly. Mostly, the ugly. Like $7-10K kind of ugly when he told us we had to jack up two corners of our house that were badly shifting.

The buyers rescinded their offer, and we had to withdraw our offer on the new home as well.

We were heartbroken.

We had boxes packed up and ready to go in the garage. The kids had already picked out their new rooms. Our dreams of "just a little more space" came to a screeching halt. It was a sad, sad day.

(God wanted us to stay. That was loud and clear.)

Last fall was spent getting estimates, tips and advice from engineers. Scot continued checking the cracks in our foundation all winter, spring and summer long, and thankfully, they didn't change. Until now.

In the space of just 2-3 weeks time - with absolutely no rain at all - the cracks have widened and the foundation's shifted.

Here's the worst corner of our house - what I've now dubbed the Money Pit:

Oh, you don't see anything? Let me take you a little closer.

Cracks in top left/bottom left of window...bricks shifting and leaving an-inch-or-more gap to the right.

We have some nice little artwork now in the family room too:

Along with some bedroom doors that won't shut right. These were taken a month ago, and it's gotten even worse since then.

Our estimate's now up to over $11K with 11 posts in two corners - 5 in back, 6 in front. And they can't get started on it till the end of October. Eek!

We love our 17-year old house. Even if it's quickly becoming a Money Pit right before our very eyes.

(Anyone skilled in repairing window leaks next, just in case??)

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