Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fevers & Other News

Howdy, friends. I've been MIA on the blog (and other places) lately. This little one has kept me busy this week. On Wednesday, she woke up at 4am with a 102 fever. It continued off and on through Thursday and Friday, even spiking to 104 on Friday afternoon. The doctor first thought it was Fifth's disease, but she didn't have the rash. More tests and bloodwork were done today, so we're praying it's nothing we need to worry about and that it will pass...quickly.

(Brooklyn and Connor have literally lived in their pajamas all week, so no complaints there. But, 4am wake-up calls the past several days has sure wiped this mama out!)

In other news:

Jake wrote the sweetest note of apology to his sister this week after opening her package and spoiling her little surprise gift from dad. She was pretty upset.

(Scot buys Lego people for the kids from time to time, and the kids always love it.)

Such a neat treat for Brooklyn to open that night at dinner. (And a good lesson for Jake too.)

He must have felt pretty bad because he wrote me a heartfelt note the same night.


Sweet kid for sure.

I joined instagram about a month ago, but then decided to uninstall it from my phone. I liked the idea of it (just like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) but realized it wasn't for me. I started feeling like some crazy stalker and just wanted my life back, so I quit. (Not to mention, it sucked my battery life like nobody's business.) No social media for me right now.

I finally finished working on these cuties:

We have big plans (along with a tutorial) for those coming soon, but for now, I'm just glad they are done.

Here's to catching up on errands, housework and sleep this weekend - along with some good health thrown in the mix too!

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