Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Busy School Days

School days are busy around here. I pick up the kids from school at 2:30. Sit in the carpool line at Jake's school for 20-30 minutes, then maneuver my way across the street and wait in the carpool line at Brooklyn's school for another 20-30 minutes. What used to take a half-hour with one kid in school now takes an hour with two kids in different schools.

We go to the allergist's office for allergy shots every Monday and Wednesday after school. (Brooklyn hates allergy shots so much that she runs away and screams, so I've come to dread those days.) Before we know it, soccer season will be here in the spring and that will keep us busy every afternoon.

Afternoons are filled with snacks, homework, reading time, attempted baby naps, early showers, dinner prep and playtime.

Our evenings start with dinner. We eat dinner as a family every night (except for the occasional date night at home after the kids go to bed.) I light candles, play music and pretend to sing Kumbaya in my head as I prepare dinner and tell the kids to set the table. Unfortunately, real life gets in the way, and it ain't always pretty.

The kids often fight, while Connor runs around whining. One child gets sent to his room, one goes to time-out, while the little one pulls straws, spoons and everything plastic from the kitchen cabinets (which I trip on more times than I can count.) Once we sit down, it doesn't stop there. We cut up food for Connor's and Brooklyn's plates. Connor grunts and screams whenever he wants something. Brooklyn, our picky eater, doesn't want to eat anything. Her plate of food gets re-warmed once or twice, as she slowly eats. Meanwhile, Jake, our fast eater, quickly scarfs down his food and is ready for seconds before Scot and I are even ready to eat!

It's hard with three kids, but we push through it and keep trying. We talk. We pray. We share the highs and lows of everyone's day. In the midst of all the chaos, we pick out the good parts and focus on those. The little moments we have together.

We clear the table, wash dishes. There's bath time for Connor. Homework to finish. Books to be read. A trombone to play. Lunches to be made. Breakfast and clothes to set out. Allergy pills to take. School papers to sign. Devotions and prayer time before bed.

When bedtime finally comes, we tuck each child into their bed with "taco tucks," pep-talks, endless hugs and kisses from the "Kissy Monster." Exhausted. Hearts overflowing with love and thankfulness. Ready to begin anew. 

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