Wednesday, August 21, 2013

More Allergy Fun

Remember when Jake had a skin test for allergies back in April?

Well, a week later, Brooklyn's eyes swelled shut too. The allergist gave us medicine to get her symptoms under control through the spring/summer, but he suggested we come back in when school starts to get a skin test done.

While Jake went off for his first day of school, Brooklyn and I (and Connor) headed to the allergist's office for her big day! (Mind you, she was not thrilled at all.)

Here's her back right after the prick test was done:

And here's what she looked like after the full 15-minutes:

I knew she had some allergies here and there, but man, I had no idea they were so severe. Basically, any tree, flower or blade of grass - she's allergic to it! (I should have known from all the eczema she had as a baby.) The allergist said she's in the top 5% of kids her age with allergies that severe, and allergy shots are the best (and only) way to go.

So...now I'll be taking two kiddos to the allergy clinic after school for allergy shots twice a week. In a few short years, I think we'll feel like moving in. :)

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