Monday, August 26, 2013

Jacob's 11th Birthday Party

Since Jacob was at his dad's for his birthday last weekend, we celebrated a little late this year. A week late, but Jake didn't mind. He had plenty of time to open gifts and cards...and he could barely contain his excitement about having his friends over.

We spaced things out a bit. First, he opened gifts from us one night after dinner.

Urban Pipeline men's polos, his favorite. (I searched high and low to find his exact size.)

And the big "surprise" gift - a new computer monitor. He was shocked and so excited to get it up and running!

This boy loves to watch movies and play on the computer, so it will sure come in handy this year.

On Friday morning, Jake came out and was greeted with this:

Birthday decorations - a family tradition around here. :)

That afternoon, Connor and I picked up Jake and his friends (and Brooklyn) from school at 2:30pm. It was one packed and loud van. Yikes.

The boys playing Minecraft after school:

I dropped the boys off at 5pm for their first middle school luau that lasted till 8pm. (Jake told me to wait in the car - no pics. I've officially become one of those embarrassing not-so-cool moms, in his book. Lord, help me.)

After sliding down waterslides, dunking teachers in water tanks and eating more icees than they could count...the boys came home and Jake's official birthday party began! Complete with Cici's Pizza, Doritos, Cheetos Puffs, homemade cookie cake, ice cream, candy. You know, the not-so-healthy normal stuff boys like.

The birthday boy. Can't believe he's 11!

(Oh, and they all stayed up as late as they wanted. I think they crashed around 1:30am.)

The boys before they left for their crazy fun adventure on Saturday:

Scot was an angel (for real) and took all the boys plus Brooklyn to play glow golf, arcade games, bazooka ball and ride go-karts - while Connor napped at home. It was almost an all-day adventure, and the kids had so much fun! (Did I mention my husband's amazing?)

As his birthday celebration quickly comes to an end, here are 11 things I love about Jake:

1. His smile. He can be kind of mopey sometimes, so when he smiles - it lights up the room.

2. He doesn't complain a lot. (Except when his sister does something he doesn't like.)

3. He's honest.

4. He's a good loyal friend.

5. He pushed himself out of his comfort zone and made a couple new friends this year.

6. He's a great trombone player. He has a natural "ear" for music and knows which notes to play.

7. He is super smart. Especially anything related to math and social studies.

8. He's a voracious reader. He can read huge books in no time.

9. He's not afraid to be different or stand out from his peers at school.

10. He knows right from wrong. And he gives me grace that I don't always deserve.

11. He loves God, enjoys singing worship music, serving others and going to church. Can't wait to see what God has in store for him this year!

I love you, Jacob. You're my oldest. My first-born son. My everything. 

Happy 11th birthday!

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