Saturday, August 17, 2013

Jacob // Eleven


Today you are 11 years old. 11! Crazy to see how far we've both come in 11 years. You've been with me through good times and bad.

Moving and filing bankruptcy at 7 months pregnant. Your difficult and happy birth. Your dad working in another city at a year. Your dad leaving at 17 months of age. Visitation. Divorce. Meeting Jon-Jon and Grandma. Single mom days. Nannying days. Full-time working days. Meeting Scotty. Dating. Moving out-of-state. Second marriage. "Blending" years. New church. New school. New family. New siblings.

A new life.

God used those times of brokenness and utter despair...and made something beautiful. He gave me a gift. He gave me you. 

And for that, I'm beyond grateful.

So, today at 1:09pm - and many days and years to come - I celebrate you. Your laugh. Your smile. Your stubbornness. Your independence. Your helpfulness. Your playfulness. Your love. The mom and person you've helped me become. 

My heart is with you, even though I physically can't be with you today. Looking forward to celebrating with you soon!

Love you forever and always,

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