Saturday, August 3, 2013

Bedroom Reveal

We got in from Ohio around 10pm last Wednesday. The kids were fast asleep in the van and Scot and I were exhausted, but we couldn't wait to show Jacob his new room! We woke up the kids, and they raced in to see the new space.

[Now, I have to admit - I fretted and worried for weeks how Jake would react. I worried he would be disappointed that he had to share a room with his younger sister. I worried he wouldn't like the bedding or the fact that he had to sleep on the top bunk. I worried he wouldn't like his room re-done without him knowing. All this on top of coming home from a months-stay at his dad's (who showed him schools and pressured him into moving up there full-time) - along with being lonely and neglected and eating endless amounts of junk food all month. Yep, I was a wee-bit worried.]

My worry turned to mush as soon as I saw Jake's face light up when he walked in his new room. He loved it, that was obvious. He didn't even care he had to share it either.

He was so shocked he thought he was on one of those home makeover shows on HGTV. Ha!

I felt instant relief. Especially after seeing these two playing happily in their room the next day. (Not without some fighting too, of course.)

Counting our many blessings. Including this new room they are excited to share. And all the good memories we hope it will bring.

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