Tuesday, August 6, 2013

DIY // Personalized Bathroom Hooks

Since Connor's been born, the kids bathroom has been driving me crazy. We put two hooks in the wall to hang bath towels years ago, but we haven't added another one since. So, we've had to layer wet towels or hang an extra towel on the doorknob to dry, which often falls on the floor. Definitely not ideal.

After researching online and trying to avoid another hole in the wall, I finally found a solution I liked on the Somewhat Simple blog - and it's very affordable too! Just wish I had done it sooner...

All you need is:

- 5x7 Wood plaques from Walmart ($.98 each)
- Wood letters from Walmart ($1.98 each)
- Wood glue
- Acrylic paint
- 3M Command hanging strips
- 3M Command satin nickel designer hooks


1. Paint wood plaques and letters the colors of your choice. Let dry overnight.
2. Once dry, dip the back of the paint cap into another color and stamp circle design over the entire plaque.
3. Using wood glue, glue each letter onto the wood plaque. Apply pressure for a minute or two, then set something heavy (like a book) on top of the letter/plaque while it dries. Let dry overnight.
4. Hang wood plaques with 3M command strips with 3M command hooks underneath, and you're ready to go!

Here's the fun result:

No more wet towels on the floor. No holes, no mess. And the bathroom looks cute. A win-win for all!

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