Monday, July 1, 2013

Jacob's Last Week of Summer

Last week was Jacob's last week of summer with us before he goes to his dad's for the month of July. (Technically, he has one more week before school starts in August, but I don't count that because it's full of doctor's appointments, back-to-school shopping and finishing up reading projects for school.)

Here's what his last week entailed:

Church camp.

Jake had his first-ever church camp experience, his first time away from home. He woke up at 3am on Monday because he was so excited, even though the bus didn't leave till 7.

The kids missed him terribly all week, but we knew he was having fun. We were so excited to see the church bus pull in on Friday!

Jake came out sunburned, hoarse and barely able to speak, full of smiles and stories to tell. All signs of an awesome time with friends.

He definitely missed us too.

Nothing a little pizza can't help.

Fun with friends.

I surprised Jake that afternoon by picking up his two friends Josh and Michael on the way home. The boys went swimming in our neighbor Patsy's pool for a couple hours.

They played a little Xbox and Star Wars Monopoly after eating sloppy joes and mac-n-cheese for dinner.


Since Jake's friends were over, we were the crazy rednecks in the neighborhood who stayed up late and fired off fireworks on our driveway a week before July 4th. The boys and Brooklyn loved them, and Connor slept right through it. It was one of the funnest night ever. (If funnest was a word.)

Just look at this motley crew:


Saturday was our big family day. We had hamburgers and fried pickles for lunch at Toot's. Then, we headed to Go USA Fun Park for a round of putt-putt.


Scot and the kids went go-karting. While Connor and I just watched.

More family fun.

We continued our fun with bazooka ball, arcade games, cheap ticket prizes, candy and slushees.


Then, it was time to say our goodbyes. Jake wasn't supposed to leave until we got home from church on Sunday, but a sudden change in plans caused him to leave right after breakfast. Boo.

We were sad to see this big guy leave for a month, but we prayed over him and packed verses of Scripture to take with him. God loves him more than we could ever imagine. We know He'll guide and protect him. He's covered in constant prayer.

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