Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Besides recovering from pneumonia, doctor's appointments, follow-up chest x-rays, and Jacob's last week of summer, here's some other things that kept us busy last week:

Mega forts.

Girls movie night in bed. 

(Thanks to my friend Jennifer for the delicious homemade potato soup.)

Wii bowling matches.

(Still working on that losing attitude.)

Picnic lunch at the car dealership, during our long wait for an oil change.

Puppet show at the downtown library - followed by a picnic lunch in the courtyard.

Pool playdate with friends.

Date day.

Our last date out was 8 months ago (sad, I know-we mostly have dates at home), so Scot and I were living it up on Sunday! A movie with buttery popcorn, dinner at SATCO, Ben & Jerry's ice cream, a walk around town...perfection.

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