Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Eight Years

Eight years ago today, Scot and I said "I do" and celebrated our special day with close friends and family. It was the second wedding for both of us, so it was simple and low-key - just what we wanted.

Our honeymoon was amazing. Seriously, the best vacation I've ever had in my life. Those were special moments as newlyweds that I'll never forget. (Thank you, Sandals and the Bahamas.)

Then, we came back home to a spirited and defiant almost-three-year old, dealing with potty training charts and out-of-state visitation every month, and reality hit us in the face.

Scot and I became a united front as parents, but the blending process was hard. It took months and months (years, really) of Jacob adjusting to having two parents at home, instead of just one. I continued doing most of the discipline for the first year, and Scot slowly did more and more. We took turns making the 400-some mile drives every month for Jacob to visit his dad, while meeting with attorneys and going in and out of court. We redecorated our bachelor-style house and found a new church home in the process.

It was hard in the beginning, but life got so much sweeter. Scot and Jacob have a close relationship now and enjoy doing fun things together, father and son. We've added two more little blessings to our family since then, who bring chaos and joy to our busy days.

I look back at all those depressing days of trying to survive an awful divorce, adjusting to life as a single mom and just staying afloat by pulling myself out of bed each day, searching for jobs and apartments and working full-time, and I thank God every day for this new life He's given me. A wife to my hubby of eight years and a mother of three.

Even on the worst of days, I couldn't be happier.

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