Friday, July 19, 2013

Brooklyn's Swim Lessons

Brooklyn's had swim lessons at Ms. Sue's the past two weeks. Something she's looked forward to all summer, seriously. (She kept asking and asking, "Is it time for swim lessons yet??")

Well, the time finally came. Ms. Sue lives out in the country, and it's always a beautiful drive.

Some days were good, happy days.

And some, not so much. Naptime was a bust.

Brooklyn was in the Level 2 class this year. Levels 1 and 2 are combined, and Brooklyn already passed Level 1 last summer. The parents got to come watch on the last day. She was nervous, but I knew she'd do great!

She was all smiles in the beginning.

Here she is doing the front float beautifully:

The back float:

The rollover for the Level 1 assessment (front float for 5 seconds/back float for 5 seconds):

And the final assessment for Level 2 (swim halfway across the pool/rollover/swim to the other end of the pool):

Poor thing broke down since she got scared, but I'm so, so proud of her for trying! She loves the water and has a determined little spirit, so I know she'll get it soon enough.

Love this little fish of mine - no matter what level she's in. :)

Swim lessons are over, but we're already looking forward to coming back next year. This time with Jake with us too!

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