Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Weekend in Huntsville

On Friday, Scot got off work early, so we headed to his cousin's house in Huntsville, Alabama and made a mini-vacation out of it! It's just a hop, skip, and a jump away - with an hour and a half in the van - so it was an easy drive.

We looked around at the mall. (Stopping by the Bama Fever store was a must.)

Scot and the kids swam in the pool late that night - while I put Connor to bed and watched nearby in the comfort of my pajamas. (It was 60-degrees and the water was c-o-l-d!)

On Saturday, we visited Scot's Nana and Pop-Pop's old house where his mom and four siblings grew up. And saw the famous oak tree in the front yard where the kids played for years.

We hiked and played around at the Monte Sano State Park up on Roundtop Mountain. The view was spectacular.

Connor was all boy - playing with nothing but rocks and sticks. (And sucking on them occasionally, too.)

We even saw a black racer. Eek!

We ate some pretty yummy food. Shaggy's Burgers and Tacos. Sam & Greg's Pizzeria. Rosie's Mexican Cantina. And some gelato. It was all delicious.

We had more time at the pool on Saturday afternoon.

We ate a late dinner with Mike and Mary Beth before we turned around to head home.

With how quickly these three crashed in the van, I'd say it was a great weekend getaway for all.

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