Thursday, June 13, 2013


Last day to pick up report cards at school. Jake said goodbye to his band teacher that's retiring.

And he got awesome grades on his report card. So proud!

Brooklyn's second time at the dentist and she did great.

Legoland. Literally.

We're all signed up and ready to read this summer! (The little prizes the library gives out doesn't hurt either.)

Our welcome mat on the driveway.

Jake's marker drawing he found in his backpack from art class.


We finished clearing the table one night, came out and saw this:

The little guy climbed up onto the couch for the first time to watch his favorite baby movie by himself. So cute.

Connor's first time playing at McD's indoor playground. The big kids hit the ground running, and this kid was just trying to figure it all out. (Is it just me or are those tunnels getting smaller and smaller??)

My big girl's reading! (With some beginner readers we got from the library.)

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